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Me And My Wine!

Got a new wine and I just had to tell you about it! Okay, so it wasn’t really MY wine. My husband received a wine gift basket from a friend as congratulatory gift for getting into a PhD program starting this Fall. I still consider it MY wine because, hey, let’s face it, without me earning the family income, he’d be out on the streets pounding the pavement to get any job he could find!

So, now that we’re clear, here’s what I had on Saturday night:

This is a bottle of Jonathan Edwards 2006 Sierra Foothills Zinfandel.

Now, I don’t care for White Zinfandel at all. This Zinfandel was a beautiful red! The flavor was very well-balanced and fruity without being sweet. It had a little sweetness, but not too much. Unless I’m drinking a Port with dessert, I don’t like my wines sweet.

It was what I would call, just right!

The finish was lightly blackberry for me and it was absolutely divine! I loved that the wine was spicy on the palate and well-balanced! I think I have developed a love for a Zinfandel so long as it is a Jonathan Edwards Zinfandel!

I would comment as to the price, but since we did not buy this particular bottle, I really couldn’t say exactly, but the other Jonathan Edwards wines run between $19 and $27 per bottle for the majority of their stock.

If you get a chance, find a bottle! I think you would truly enjoy this one!


Last week, my husband was out west on a class project.  Sounds so grade school! lol The trip involved visiting several tech companies every day for an investment class of some sort that is part of his Masters program at Boston College.

Over the last year to year and a half, I’ve built up a large group of friends on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ve connected with some fabulous people who own and run wineries in Napa, Sonoma and even Australia!  Cynthia Cosco, owner of Passaggio Wines, is one of those great friends!

This all connects, trust me!

So, back to the trip out west.  They started in Seattle visiting Starbucks headquarters and ended the trip in Napa at Round Pond Vineyards.  I tweeted that my husband was spending time in wine country without me, sad, but true!  I wanted him to try to pick up a bottle of Passaggio wine since it was just down the road from where he was going to be that day!  Because of their time schedule, he wasn’t going to be able to swing it – although the wineries looked close together, 14 miles on foot would have been too long a walk!  @Passaggio offered to deliver a bottle of her unoaked Chardonnay to Round Pond for him to pick up the day his group was there.  I couldn’t wait for him to get home with it!  It was so nice of her to accommodate us by doing that so we could have a bottle of her wine!

Now, I love wine! I adore great wine!  Living in Rhode Island, we can’t get direct shipped wines by law, so I was torn between saving it and staring at the bottle for a while and drinking it right away.  Well, we decided to open it up last night with dinner.

I had cooked up some shrimp scampi (which I love) and fettucini.

Now, if I were a proper foodie, I would have thought to pour some in one of the glasses, then take the photo so everyone could see the beautiful color of the wine! Someday I may learn these things.

Now, for my impressions and review.  Disclaimer: I am not a professional vintner, sommelier or wine expert of any kind.  I am just a person who loves wine – at $50 a bottle or $5 a bottle! I am not a wine snob either!

Okay, here goes:

The color was a beautiful clear, bright straw yellow.  Aroma was crisp, clean, citrusy with a little bit of a mineral aroma – so . . . spring-ish, my own term.  I hesitated tasting it as I just wanted to enjoy how it looked for a while.

When I finally took a swig – yes, a swig.  In order to properly taste a wine, you need the wine to be enough to roll over all areas of your tongue for a full range of the flavor.  All I can say is – WOW! It was so smooth with such a nice hint of citrus!  Even though it is an unoaked chard, it still had that nice aged flavor I love from Chardonnay.  That’s the only word I can come up with to describe it.  Some chards produce a kickback taste that is a little bit off after you swallow it.  The Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay left none of that!  It was pure enjoyable flavor all the way down to the last drop at the bottom of the bottle!  My husband and I were both impressed with everything about the wine!

To close this post, I just want to thank Cynthia from the bottom of my heart once more for the lovely bottle of her Chardonnay!  So, now I just have to start saving my pennies so I may return to California wine country to purchase several more bottles – and soon!

Ah! Vino!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine!  Expensive, cheap, red,white, sparking – if it’s wine, I will drink it!  Only one thing I can’t stand – uber-sweet wine!  If I want sweet, I’ll buy some chocolate, thank you very much!  I don’t mind a little sweetness to my wine, but I prefer dry wines.  I would have a glass a night if I could!  Alas, that is not in my cards right now!  So, we are hoarding our stash of nice wines that we buy from our semi-annual tastings at Newport Vineyards and the stash we bought and had shipped home when we were in Napa and Sonoma in Sept. 2009.

What do we drink, then?  I was hoping you’d ask that question!  We believe in everyday table wine.  Probably every wine connoisseur – or oenophile – would shun us, stick their collective wine noses up at us or faint when they hear this, but, we buy “jug-o-wine!”  LOL! Yes!  We keep a couple of large bottles of Carlo Rossi in the house for those days when we just have to have a glass (when I say “we,” I mean “I!”) in order to preserve the small stash of good wines we have.  Living in RI, we are not allowed by law to have wine direct shipped.  Pooh!  I say!  We bypass that problem when we go to wine country and buy it in person, then the winery ships it home for us!  Unfortunately, it’s not like we can do that every year.  At least, not for the time being.