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So Much for Low Prices!

I’ve lost weight. That has been established. Have I replaced my wardrobe? No.

I received a small bonus from work (our fiscal year-end is September 30). I just wanted to go to the outlet stores for 2 pairs of pants that fit and a couple of light sweaters for the office. I was thinking no more than $100. That’s how often I go clothes shopping! Where can you even buy a pair of nice pants for less than $80? You know, pants that will last, that are good quality and won’t fall apart the first or second time you wear them!

I figured we’d start at Ann Taylor and J Jill. They usually have great sales and prices. Well, sure, it’s summer clothes sale time! All the fall and winter clothes are new and not on sale, but that’s what I really need up here since it’s pretty chilly almost 9 months out of the year and the office is always freezing anyway!

It was really busy and we parked way the heck at the end over by the expensive shops – Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers, etc. What happened? We did not go in the direction of the cheaper shops, but my husband led us right into Saks. Of course, I found some nice things! Dresses. Do I need dresses? Well, yes and no. I love dresses! always have since I was little. You couldn’t get me into pants except in the dead of winter when there was 5-6 feet of snow! The dresses I have I can still get away with wearing – most of them anyway and my skirts since the shirts hide the waistline hanging at about my hips.

I won’t say how much we ended up spending. Just that it was way too much and money we really don’t have right now. I just wanted some pants that fit for the colder weather!

Here’s my haul:

2 Dresses

2 Pairs of Pants

1 Skirt

2 Camis (wear them a lot!)

1 Pullover Sweater

1 Shawl Sweater (for when it’s cold in the office – every day)

This ended up being WAY over and above what I went for. I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. To be fair, I think the last time I bought any clothes was about 2 years ago anyway. I feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.


Wow! 2 months since I blogged! That’s terrible! It’s not that I haven’t had a few things to talk about – I started a 12 week challenge, my husband and I went to a fantastic restaurant for his birthday. Okay, maybe that’s all. I don’t have much of a life, socially anyway. I should start blogging on how to have an exciting life without money, but apparently, it’s not that easy!

I could make it a point to start finding ways to make life fun and interesting without money. Why not, right? How many of us are in the same boat these days? Who, besides me, needs to find ways to keep from getting depressed about not being able to travel, buy cool new tech gadgets, keep up with all their friends and just be able to do things on occasion? I will see what I can come up with for this one!

For 2 months, I’ve been up and down, my workouts have suffered, my diet and I’ve gained about 10 lbs.! Ugh. It’s my mental state. I keep changing my rotation/program, what I want to accomplish, getting distracted and paying way too much attention to what everyone else is doing rather than what I should be doing. That’s right – I totally lost my focus. In doing so, I lost my drive to stay active with my blog, my Beachbody business and anything else I wanted for myself.

That is changing! I am going back to basics. I’m going back to what worked for me when I first started my fitness journey. I”m going to run and do my Cathe Friedrich workouts.

My 12-week challenge faltered due to all of these issues, so I wasn’t blogging about that. Why would I write about not doing my workouts for 3-4 days and eating junk food? Sheesh! Done. Over. Back on track.

That means, I’ll back to writing as well.

I’ve found a new focus for my nutrition as well. I’ve been reading The China Study. What an eye-opener! There will be more on that later.

For now, I just want to say that I’m back and I’m back on track!

Writer’s Block

How frustrating! I have topics to write about, but the words just aren’t coming! The ideas are there, but as I start to write, it just disintegrates and what I’ve written has gone in every direction except the one I want. It’s like a forcefield between my head and my hands! What’s inside can’t seem to get out! I hear it knocking against the inside of my skull, but the door has been locked.  Very annoying. Maybe I’m feeling like what I have to say is boring or just not interesting. I really don’t have much of a life right now you know. Really. I feel like a drone – I work, come home, work out, feed the pups, then myself, do chores, sit and chat for a bit, go to bed, get up, clean up, eat and start all over again. What is there to really say about this life that anyone would want to read? Absolutely nothing.

I’m not funny like Ryan of No More Bacon, nor am I an expert about a great sci-fi show like Jeffrey Scott with his blog about Dr. Who, which I love and think everyone who even remotely likes science fiction should read! I think you’re getting the picture here! I’m just an ordinary Plain Jane with no special skills or outstanding achievements. So, when I go to write a blog post, it’s usually after I’ve had a stroke of genius or just a lucky thought! Lately, I’ve got nothin’. Sure I’m posting about my Reiki experiment, but that is a very subtle work where there are going to be no great and amazing changes or revelations.

Everyone I know has so much fun stuff going on and interesting things to say! There are way too many to list here!

So, I shall tarry along in my boring-ness and see what happens. You may see a post that just says, “Uhhhh . . .  The End.”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!