I am a health and fitness person. I’m no expert. I have been a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor and plan on becoming certified again in the near future. I have a degree in Fitness Science, so I do maintain some of my knowledge.

I started what I call my “final journey” to a fit and healthy lifestyle 3 years ago. I call it this because on this last attempt to lose weight and get healthy (there were many other attempts that never lasted) is when I finally realized it is never a short-term project, but a way of life that must be followed every day. It’s hard, but I’m doing it!

I’m here hoping that something I write might help someone else find their “final journey” and become successful in reaching their goal weight and becoming as fit and healthy as they can be! There are days that are difficult and days that are easy. I don’t just blog about my health and fitness because I am someone who has a really HUGE range of interests!  So, don’t be surprised to see posts about wine or some new hobby I’ve decided to take on as well!

If you ever wish to contact me in place of leaving a public comment here on my blog, feel free to email me at syzygy314@gmail. com. I’m happy to chat with you!