Breakfast: Mango Lassie Smoothie

It was totally delicious! Made two servings. I had one for breakfast and the other later as my snack while running errands.

Today is food prep day for the first half of the week. According to the plan, you only prep food 2x a week. The only problem I’m finding with that so far is that I have to keep washing everything after each item I make something. Sure it’s fast to make. You just throw everything in the food processor, which you use a lot – and process until the desired consistency is achieved. So far today, I’ve made my salad dressing for this week (used the blender for that) and my Mock Salmon Pate – quick and easy in the food processor. That can be eaten plain, spread and rolled in greens, on a salad, on dehydrated crackers, etc. So many ways to use it!

I took a break to start writing this and to give my sun-dried tomatoes and dates time to soak for my next two meals. I think I’ll make the Date Nut Torte next and have that ready and right at dinner time, I’ll prep my Fettucine Marinara. It’s supposed to be alfredo sauce, but I don’t like that and, even though it’s made completely differently, it’s supposed to taste very similar, so I’m not brave enough to try that yet! That will be all I prep until Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll play it by ear until I figure out when I’ll need more food for the week.

In addition to the recipes she has you practicing with, you, obviously, need more to eat than just that. You can do so many different things! Breakfast can be juices or smoothies, cut up fruit bowl with nuts and seeds or just a few pieces of fruit if you don’t have time or don’t want to go through the hassle of chopping and cutting fruit. Salads and rolled veggies in leaves, the pates are great for lunch and between-meal snacks. You have a lot of flexibility there as long as it’s raw.

All of these recipes are from Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food book. So, if any of you are interested in following along or joining me in this challenge, pick up a copy and let’s go!

So far today, I’ve eaten my 2 smoothies, a handful of raw macadamia nuts and a spinach salad. I’m going to go grab an apple as I’m still hungry. According to this plan, you can eat all you want as often as you’re hungry. After a while, your body adjusts to the better nutrition and you won’t need as much food. There’s no counting calories or macronutrients, no eating at certain times of the day or a certain number of times per day. You eat when you’re hungry and you don’t when you’re not. It’s that simple – supposedly. We shall see!

I’m also starting a 90-Day FIT Challenge on November 1st. Whether you are interested in the raw challenge or not, you can always message me or email me for details about this upcoming Challenge if you’d like to join in! I’m only taking on five people for that and I have one already!

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I’m back! Whew! I can say one thing right now. This prepping several dishes in one day is for the birds. It may not take a lot of time, but I get tired of washing and re-washing the same appliances over and over between meals. Probably for someone who doesn’t work a full-time job, it might work out nicely to spend a whole day in the kitchen prepping. Yes, I’ve made all, but one of my recipes for today and I only spent about 1 1/2 hours in the kitchen (most of that washing). I don’t like it. One day into it and I’m done with that! Since they don’t take that long, I think, for me anyway, it will work out easier to prep one meal per day and depend on my smoothies, fresh fruit and salads for during the day and leftovers of whatever I make the night before. Besides, I’m almost tempted to eat everything I just made right now! lol Not because I’m particularly hungry, but just because it’s there and it all looks good!

That’s it for my Day 1 report. I’ll let you know how dinner comes out tomorrow with that report! See you then!