My new project is ready to go. Started out by visiting the Farmer’s Market in Pawtucket today. Thought I’d come out well money-wise on a lot of the fruits and veggies I’d need for the week. Uh, not so much. Three vendors at the market – three. Really? I know it’s late in the season, but why have it for that? Not only were there three vendors, but they didn’t really have anything. Nothing that was on my list anyway.

I was so excited to go! Every blog and article I’ve read about farmer’s markets talks about the variety and great prices you can get. What a disappointment. Guess I’ll have to wait until next summer to get that kind of experience. Here’s what it looked like today:

Oh! There was a gentleman?, guy?, guitarist at one tent just to the left outside of the photo playing. Yes, one of the six tents housed a guitarist.

So, off to Whole Foods I went with my grocery list! Spent longer there than I would at my regular grocery store because I don’t usually go there for a full on shopping run, but only to pick up unusual items I may need for a recipe here and there. Didn’t make out too badly for a full week’s worth of food. No meat, no dairy. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts. Done.

I may have touched on what this project is in an earlier post, but I am going raw for 30 full days. Yes, after reading The China Study, I’m ready to make a change in how I eat and, more importantly, what I eat. My original plan was to just go vegan. My husband could do that. I had been hearing a bit here and there about eating raw foods. One of my upline Beachbody coaches does it, not 100%, but she has incorporated it into her already pristine eating habits. I started looking for everything I could find on eating raw and was more and more impressed with the information I was finding. I bought a couple of beginning books on raw foods and started eating a meal and a snack here and there raw over and above the raw fruits and vegetables I already was incorporating into my diet. I like the food, so decided I wanted to try it 100%. I found Alissa Cohen‘s book Living on Live Food.

I read it cover to cover in just a couple of days – minus work hours, of course. I was enthralled and excited! I love that she completely lays out a plan to make the transition easy from simple prep to more involved prep as you work through your first 30 days. It’s completely flexible!  I start tomorrow and am very excited! I’ll be letting you know how things are going. One of my favorite things is that I only have to prep food 2x per week. After that, it’s just a matter of pulling it out of the fridge and eating it! No spending 30 minutes to an hour in the kitchen cooking my dinner after my workout or skipping my workout because dinner is going to take too long to prepare for me to do both!

We’ll see how this goes! I really want to love it!