I’ve lost weight. That has been established. Have I replaced my wardrobe? No.

I received a small bonus from work (our fiscal year-end is September 30). I just wanted to go to the outlet stores for 2 pairs of pants that fit and a couple of light sweaters for the office. I was thinking no more than $100. That’s how often I go clothes shopping! Where can you even buy a pair of nice pants for less than $80? You know, pants that will last, that are good quality and won’t fall apart the first or second time you wear them!

I figured we’d start at Ann Taylor and J Jill. They usually have great sales and prices. Well, sure, it’s summer clothes sale time! All the fall and winter clothes are new and not on sale, but that’s what I really need up here since it’s pretty chilly almost 9 months out of the year and the office is always freezing anyway!

It was really busy and we parked way the heck at the end over by the expensive shops – Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers, etc. What happened? We did not go in the direction of the cheaper shops, but my husband led us right into Saks. Of course, I found some nice things! Dresses. Do I need dresses? Well, yes and no. I love dresses! always have since I was little. You couldn’t get me into pants except in the dead of winter when there was 5-6 feet of snow! The dresses I have I can still get away with wearing – most of them anyway and my skirts since the shirts hide the waistline hanging at about my hips.

I won’t say how much we ended up spending. Just that it was way too much and money we really don’t have right now. I just wanted some pants that fit for the colder weather!

Here’s my haul:

2 Dresses

2 Pairs of Pants

1 Skirt

2 Camis (wear them a lot!)

1 Pullover Sweater

1 Shawl Sweater (for when it’s cold in the office – every day)

This ended up being WAY over and above what I went for. I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. To be fair, I think the last time I bought any clothes was about 2 years ago anyway. I feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.