I am psyched!

I had a horrible July. I was lazy and wasn’t working out but once or twice a week and playing golf, then, right when I decided to get back to working out again and get moving, I cut my left pinkie finger on the mandolin slicer! I was down for another week.

During my hiatus, my accountability group on Facebook decided to do a 12-Week Challenge. I decided to do my P90X program since I got great results from it the first time, but, to torture myself just a little bit more, I added Insanity in for a nice, crazy hybrid workout rotation! Well, since I was doing all this already anyway, complete with before and after photos, measurements and the rest, I decided I was going to enter the Beachbody Challenge, too! What the heck! I’m working out anyway, cleaning up my eating, why not try for $100,000 prize, right?  So, I’m doing both with one rotation.

Today was Day 1 – I did P90X Chest & Back and Insanity Cardio Abs. Much to my surprise, I haven’t lost much strength! That was great! Unfortunately, the temps were above 90 again today, so I overheated at the very end of P90X – nausea ensued, ugh. I rested, drank more water, which I drink a lot of already during the day and during my workouts, cooled off over the a/c and popped Cardio Abs in. I had to keep taking breaks. I would get nauseous every few minutes. I did manage to get through to the end – finally.

Tomorrow, is cardio only, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get through the workout without the overheating and nausea.

I’m excited! Oh, I said that already! I really hope to see the improvements I want – more lean muscle and lower body fat!

More to come!

P.S. – If you’re interested in the Beachbody Challenge and what it’s all about, email me, message me, tweet me and I’ll get back to you! Because my blog is a free one, I can’t post any links here to Beachbody. Oh well . . . onward!