I’ve been yakking about kettlebells for a while now and I know everyone is TIRED of hearing about it and not seeing anything from me.  Here it is! It’s not pretty and I’m just learning, but I had fun with my practice session today! This was the first time I’ve had a chance to play, ahem, practice seriously with my new toy!

It’s pretty and blue – my brand new 12 kg First Place Competition Kettlebell:

I had already done my scheduled workout – Supreme 90 Tabata and Stretch Max #3 by Cathe Friedrich. I was ready to head outside and do some swings.

My plan was just to do a few swings, maybe 10-15 just to work on my form and test the weight and size of my new bell. When it arrived, I was surprised by the size because the 25 lb. kettlebell I was working with at my training session seemed to be a little bit smaller and the handle was just a bit wider.

Well, I got going and it felt good, so I continued to a full 25 two-handed swings. I took a water break briefly and moved on to one-handed swings. I ran into a little bit a of a memory problem here because I couldn’t remember what Colin, my trainer at Punch, had told me about hand position for the one-handed swings. Doh! It took me a little trial and error, but I finally got! I did these, obviously, with both sides, then went back to another 25 two-handed swings.

  The conclusion of this little exercise and test run:

I LOVE MY NEW TOY! I can’t wait to get more comfortable with the swing and practice the other exercises I was taught! I am looking forward to creating workouts and borrowing some from a friend of mine who has already developed a lot of her own mixes!

I am confident that adding this modality of workouts will really help me get rid of the pudge and flab! Please do your best to ignore it!

More to come! Just you wait! lol