Got a new wine and I just had to tell you about it! Okay, so it wasn’t really MY wine. My husband received a wine gift basket from a friend as congratulatory gift for getting into a PhD program starting this Fall. I still consider it MY wine because, hey, let’s face it, without me earning the family income, he’d be out on the streets pounding the pavement to get any job he could find!

So, now that we’re clear, here’s what I had on Saturday night:

This is a bottle of Jonathan Edwards 2006 Sierra Foothills Zinfandel.

Now, I don’t care for White Zinfandel at all. This Zinfandel was a beautiful red! The flavor was very well-balanced and fruity without being sweet. It had a little sweetness, but not too much. Unless I’m drinking a Port with dessert, I don’t like my wines sweet.

It was what I would call, just right!

The finish was lightly blackberry for me and it was absolutely divine! I loved that the wine was spicy on the palate and well-balanced! I think I have developed a love for a Zinfandel so long as it is a Jonathan Edwards Zinfandel!

I would comment as to the price, but since we did not buy this particular bottle, I really couldn’t say exactly, but the other Jonathan Edwards wines run between $19 and $27 per bottle for the majority of their stock.

If you get a chance, find a bottle! I think you would truly enjoy this one!