I am beginning my 4th week of my 30-day Reiki experiment.  I have continued to gift myself with treatments every night.  I did miss two nights last week though.  We were in the throes of having our living room floor redone, replacing old damaged hardwood for new red oak.  It came out beautifully, but all the stress and moving furniture wore me out and I totally fell asleep before I could even move my hands!

These treatments have been wonderful! Three weeks in and I am feeling more calm and balance in my life every day! Contradictory you say, because of the “stress” from the floor work? Well, let me tell you, the stress was way less than it ordinarily would have been had I not been self-treating with Reiki. I am a basket-case when it comes to anything that I don’t have control over. I was able to handle the process much better, even when the installer told us it was going to take him an extra day to finish. That would have put me over the edge normally. I was able to take it in stride and just sigh because I wanted my living room back.

Although I have one more week to this particular experiment, I have no intention of stopping when it’s over. I realize that I need these treatments to keep myself at peace internally. Reiki is wonderful for balancing your energy, emotions and your mind.

I’m very pleased with my results so far and look forward to continuing to feel better with my treatments each and every day! Next up, fitting in a full treatment at least once a week.

Reiki Precepts

Today only,

Do not anger,

Do not worry.

With thankfulness

Work diligently.

Be kind to others.