How frustrating! I have topics to write about, but the words just aren’t coming! The ideas are there, but as I start to write, it just disintegrates and what I’ve written has gone in every direction except the one I want. It’s like a forcefield between my head and my hands! What’s inside can’t seem to get out! I hear it knocking against the inside of my skull, but the door has been locked.  Very annoying. Maybe I’m feeling like what I have to say is boring or just not interesting. I really don’t have much of a life right now you know. Really. I feel like a drone – I work, come home, work out, feed the pups, then myself, do chores, sit and chat for a bit, go to bed, get up, clean up, eat and start all over again. What is there to really say about this life that anyone would want to read? Absolutely nothing.

I’m not funny like Ryan of No More Bacon, nor am I an expert about a great sci-fi show like Jeffrey Scott with his blog about Dr. Who, which I love and think everyone who even remotely likes science fiction should read! I think you’re getting the picture here! I’m just an ordinary Plain Jane with no special skills or outstanding achievements. So, when I go to write a blog post, it’s usually after I’ve had a stroke of genius or just a lucky thought! Lately, I’ve got nothin’. Sure I’m posting about my Reiki experiment, but that is a very subtle work where there are going to be no great and amazing changes or revelations.

Everyone I know has so much fun stuff going on and interesting things to say! There are way too many to list here!

So, I shall tarry along in my boring-ness and see what happens. You may see a post that just says, “Uhhhh . . .  The End.”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!