I have been on a journey for almost eight weeks now. A journey of minor changes and shifts that take time and patience to achieve.  Bwaa, haaa, haaa! This coming from the queen of impatience! If I want something, I want it now, not 2 weeks, 6 months or even 5 years from now, NOW! Whew!  Take a deep breath . . . there. All better.

What is this journey, you ask? Here’s my tale:

I want to reduce my body fat percentage and still gain some muscle. I don’t need to be totally ripped, but I’d like some nice muscle definition.  Okay, that’s doable. Right?  Sure! I’ve done it before.  So, I started a 90-day workout rotation of STS by Cathe Friedrich and Turbo Fire by Beachbody.  I am now only 5 weeks away from the end of this rotation.  What am I finding so far?

STS always builds my muscle mass! Never fear! I’m not The Hulk! It’s nice definition in my shoulders and arms.  My legs are starting to develop as well.  My trouble spots – chest, back and core!  Yep. Having trouble getting the definition in those areas!  Sigh. Too much body fat!  Well, still plugging away at it because I know, with continued strength training, eventually those areas will start to develop as well.  Just keep lifting . . .

I didn’t want to use traditional cardio this time around so, as an experiment, I chose Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire! I love these workouts! Did I say how much I love them? Fast and fun! It’s longer duration cardio of 30-50 minutes (60 if you get the deluxe DVDs as well) interspersed with short HIIT workouts at 15, 20 and 25 minutes.  Lots of plyo and kickboxing moves to keep your heart rate pumping and that fat burning!  I’m getting stronger and pushing harder every week!  The Turbo Fire package also includes core, stretch and sculpt DVDs, but those I don’t need this time around, so I haven’t done them yet.

The verdict is still out.  Whether I’ll drop some body fat or not is yet to be seen. I won’t test that again until the end of the full rotation. I have noticed greater endurance and more energy! The best thing about Turbo Fire is that you don’t feel like you’ve worked out! At the end, you’re saying, “Wow! I’m done already?”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this starts the body fat burn!  All I know is that I started this rotation on May 1st and I can’t believe it’s almost done! It seems like I just started it! That’s what happens when your workouts are fun and challenging – you start on Day 1 and before you know it – it’s over!