I actually gave myself two treatments this time!  Last night, I laid down in bed, took a nice deep breath and laid my hands on my solar plexus and abdomen, closed my eyes and just relaxed.  I know I dozed off for a while, but woke again and just continued for a while until I fell asleep.

The puppies were restless this morning and got the husband up around 5 a.m.  It was kind of funny because automatically, completely without thinking, my hands went to my body and I began another treatment.  I like that so quickly it’s becoming second nature.  I can’t wait until the breathing settles down right away and can get into my treatment sooner.

Maybe my Reiki treatments will help me get through the remainder of my Michi’s Ladder challenge!  I’m halfway through it and I’m getting restless to stretch my food choices out just a little bit!