Easter weekend.  We don’t really celebrate.  We don’t have children, so we don’t get into all the easter egg decorating, easter baskets and chocolate treats – well, mostly.  My husband enjoys a solid chocolate bunny now and then!  I didn’t plan a menu or dessert like I do for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  At the last minute, I made up a makeshift menu off the top of my head while at the grocery store a center-cut pork roast at the grocery store. That was a bad move!

Saturday morning began with a batch of Chunky Monkey Pancakes – the husband’s favorite breakfast!

Next came lunch! Oh, yes! So much worse! At least the pancakes were homemade!  It was off to Taco Bell! Yes, I had four, you heard me! FOUR tacos – no cheese – at least that was good.  This is another of the husband’s favorites.  Are you seeing the trend here?

Do I remember what we had for dinner on Saturday? Oh, yes!  We ordered Chinese food! Oh, wait, no, we did that Friday night! We just had the leftovers on Saturday, plus, I also made the Chocolate Pecan Pie on Saturday, so you know we had to have a slice of that for dessert!

Seeing this written down now makes me feel so bad and I’m not even done yet!

Sunday morning we didn’t really have breakfast.  We were going to meet a couple of friends for a round of golf, so we stopped at Starbucks.  I got a tall Awake tea, that part was good, and a blueberry scone.  (groan) I should have just had the tea, but I’m always thinking that I have to eat something!  We picked up McDonald’s  for lunch.  Not even going to say what I ate.  Does it really matter?  Dinner was the good stuff. A center-cut pork roast with mashed potatoes on the side and homemade black bean soup.  I also made baked churros for my husband for dessert.  Of course, we opened a bottle of wine to go with that. A beautiful Chateau St. Jean 2005 Cinq Cepages!

So, there you have it.  Our weekend binge, and, man, what a binge!  I haven’t eaten like that since before I started seriously getting fit and healthy almost three years ago!  My first reaction was, “OMG! I just threw myself off the cliff!”  That lasted about a minute.

I have learned so much over the last three years, that I didn’t panic.  After the initial realization of just how badly I had eaten all weekend long, I quickly went into recovery mode.  A reset of the mind and refrigerator!  I’m so proud of myself that I’ve become a lifelong health and fitness fan.  I know it’s just temporary.  I need to remember that if I’m going to “do” a holiday meal, I need to be sure to plan it out. I do better making a menu. I stick with what’s on it and only prep ONE dessert instead of two that could feed about 12 people when there are only two in the house!

I kicked it in the butt with my workout schedule this week.  Monday was STS Disc 7 Chest, Shoulders & Biceps.  Today was Turbo Fire HIIT 25! A good start on the recovery week!  I know that so long as I stay on my rotation and keep my eating clean the rest of the week, I’ll be right back where I was before Easter weekend.  One of the hardest things to get comfortable with is not giving up just because you have a binge day, a binge weekend, or even a full week of bad choices.  It takes time to beat that mindset of giving up.  I’ve finally succeeded!

Staying on maintenance is the difficult part of weight loss, but I’m determined to keep myself at goal for the rest of my life!