Two years ago today (Feb. 7th), I started my final weight loss journey.  I’ve told this story before, but just as a recap, I couldn’t breathe just going upstairs, I felt horrible all the time – tired, moody, and just plain fat!  I sat and watched myself gain 30 lbs. and denied that I was getting bigger and heavier.

That changed in one day when I finally decided to stop whining, complaining, blaming my age and pretending I was trying to do something about it!

In six months, I lost every pound of that 30 lb. weight gain.  I thank the random choice of Cathe Friedrich as the fitness instructor whose DVDs I would try.  I couldn’t afford a gym membership and didn’t want one anyway because I had gotten fed up with the inability to use the equipment I wanted, when I needed it!  Cathe’s workouts are intense, challenging, creative and just plain amazing!

For the last year and half, I have kept that weight off.  I’ve expanded my workout DVD collection to include belly dance, Jillian Michaels and Beachbody workouts!  Other than gaining 5 lbs. this past fall, I’ve kept it all off and these few pounds are coming back off again.  Even more important than the weight loss is how much better I feel!  My asthma is so under control, I don’t need meds anymore!  My mood has leveled off and even the things that were hard before are now much easier!

In the past, I would lose weight, then gain it all back.  Why? My attitude was all wrong.  I believed that once you did what it took to lose it, you could stop and go back to your life as it was before.  I have learned that it isn’t a temporary change in habits, but a change in lifestyle that matters.  This was the revelation that changed my life!  I’m in better shape and cardiovascular condition than I was in my 20s or 30s!  Sure, things are tough right now, the economy is in the toilet, my husband is out of work and we’re financially tight, but even with all that, I have my health, I can work out, go biking, running and do quite a few things that don’t depend on money or travel.  Basically, I’m happy!  Taking care of myself is what has made me realize I can be happy without all the bells and whistles.

I’m not an expert on fitness or nutrition, but I have found what works for me and my lifestyle.  I may never enter a fitness or bodybuilding competition or win a marathon, but that’s okay.  It’s not what I’m about.  Rather than be all gung-ho and serious about any one modality, I like to enjoy a little bit of everything! Kettlebells and TRX are in my future and who knows what else!

Two years now and I haven’t yo-yoed.  Woo-hoo!

Happy Anniversary to me!