I had all good intentions of doing a post on our trip to Easton’s Beach for the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day in 38 degree water!  Did I do it? No.  Why? I dunno. I get wrapped up in being lazy.  I had plenty of time to write it, add pics and post it, but just didn’t do it.  I love my blog and sharing my activities and thoughts.  I also was going to track my training with P90X on my blog. I started the program on Monday, but haven’t posted a thing on that either.

I’m having a crisis in my life. I have high hopes for 2011, but since the turn of the year I have suddenly felt discombobulated, spread thin and like I have no direction.  I’ve had these overwhelming feelings of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. I’m feeling lost and like I need to redirect the basis of my blog, but with no idea what to do.  I’m not depressed or stressed or anything like that. I am just not sure I’m heading in the right direction at the moment.  Like I need a new FOCUS.

So, that’s where I’m at.  I need focus and a great idea!

This probably doesn’t sound like much of a crisis as it isn’t affecting my workouts or my diet (that’s been off the mark for a while with no connection to my current lack of direction), but I’m hoping to get some inspiration soon!

So, if anyone who reads this has any ideas or suggestions as to how to find the direction I’m looking for, feel free to contact me!  I could use some outside inspiration!

I’m trying to stay positive about everything and I wonder if that isn’t taking its toll on me.  Every day I read all these motivating, inspirational, positive quotes on FB and Twitter and they mean absolutely nothing to me right now.  I find myself skipping over those posts.

Wow! I’m starting to ramble.  I’m going to let this go out now and release it from my mind and spirit.  Who knows, maybe this is what I needed to do.  Maybe, now, I can clear myself of the block and find some direction!