No, this is not a New Year’s resolution.  I don’t make those.  2009 was the year of losing the excess 30 pounds I had gained by becoming lazy and complacent.  2010 was the year of maintenance, but not contentment with where I was.  I did run my first race and keep up my workouts, for the most part, but towards the end of this year, my eating habits have suffered. Okay, they’ve deteriorated.  I would love to blame my husband, but I would be lying to myself and all of you.  It has been my own weakness that has put me here.  I’ve stayed around goal weight – hanging around 125-127 – since about October. It’s okay, but not great since I had kept my weight at 122-124 for the few months prior.

Here’s the biggest problem I’ve been struggling with.  Body fat percentage.

Although I’ve lost all that weight, my body fat has not changed.  It certainly isn’t that I’m not working out enough.  I have not been doing consistent strength training, so my muscle definition has deteriorated, but my cardiovascular endurance has remained steady.  Insanity has kept that going, but I need strength training again.

My January 30-day experiment is going to go like this:

1.  January 1 – Eliminate refined sugars from my diet – completely.

2.  January 1 – Eliminate ALL alcohol from my diet.

3.  January 1 – Eliminate all fast food from my diet, except for healthy choices from Subway or Panera Bread no more than once per week.

4.  January 10 – Begin a 3-month rotation with the P90X program and Cathe Friedrich cardio workouts.  Why so late? I won’t finish my Insanity rotation until January 8th and I do want to complete it and do my final fit test.

I don’t expect great results from Insanity for several reasons.  Mainly, I didn’t really need to lose weight, but also, because my eating habits haven’t been as good as they should be, I won’t see any changes in measurements.  I do believe that my cardiovascular endurance has improved, though.

I want to see if these changes bring my weight back under 125, reduce my body fat percentage any and increase my muscle mass.

So, there you have it!  My first fitness plan for 2011.  I’m really hoping to see some changes.  What will I do if this plan doesn’t produce any results?  Well, right now, I’m not sure.  I won’t give up!  I love working out, feeling great and staying healthy.  I’ll have to try different things.  I don’t know what right now, but that’s okay. I don’ t need to think about that until January 31st.