My husband wanted me to bake some Chinese Almond Cookies.  After hunting around for a proper recipe and checking it with him, I finally found one that looked right.  That was my task today!  Well, that and Plum Tomato Puree for Tomato Basil Soup, but that’s another story!

Here are the pics I actually remembered to take!  (I forgot to take in-progress photos from the mixing – as before – still not much of a foodie blogger!)

I followed the recipe EXCEPT I do not have a paddle attachment for my mixer.  It’s a handheld, a very good one that I’ve had for many years, but no additional attachments.  I mixed the first ingredients – the almond flour, salt and butter.  It was supposed to come out somewhat crumbly.  Uh, huh.  In order to get it mixed and the butter, which you put in cold, but cut up, broken down, I had to turn my mixer speed up a bit.  The batter kept getting stuck in the mixer blades.  Instead of coming out crumbly, it became smooth.  I stopped mixing and continued with my instructions.  Everything else worked just fine.

As you can see, the end result wasn’t bad.  They taste right (actually, they’re downright delicious).  The only problem is that they came out flat like a regular sugar cookie.  I think if I had mixed the first ingredients with the right implement, they would have been fuller which is what you want.

I do have a brand new Cuisinart food processor.  It’s the biggest one they make!  I just have never used one before and was a little intimidated by it, so didn’t want to use it for the cookies.  I should have.  It has a paddle attachment.  It probably would have come out just right! I will try that next time! I intend to make these again! They are very tasty and easy to make.  I want to see if they came out flat because of the mixer attachment or if it’s something else.  I think I’m right.

Just as an aside – I took a break to work on my puree and when I washed my food mill, one of the legs broke off. No way to fix it.  It’s just not my day to be in the kitchen.