Goal weight – what does that mean really?  It’s a number.  Is it arbitrary? Perhaps.  For me, it meant I was finally looking good again and got that stubborn body fat off! I can wear smaller clothes and look good in them!  Great!  I’ve been hanging there now for over a year and I think I’m stuck on the numbers!

Where everyone else I know is burning tons of calories (500+) on workouts – the same ones I’m doing – I’m lucky if I burn 250!  What is going on here?  I’m getting frustrated because I’m working out hard.  Sure, I’m not doing 2-3 workouts per day!  I work for a living!  But the workouts I’m doing should be giving me a better caloric burn than what I’m seeing.  If I reduce my calories any more, I won’t be eating anything!  I know what I eat and how much.  I’m hanging between 124 – 126 now where I was at 122 – 125 only 8 months ago.  Nothing has changed otherwise.

I thought I could figure this out on my own.  I always wanted to try one of those GoWearFit or Body Bugg devices, but they are just too pricey for what I need!  I can’t see spending $200, plus the monthly monitoring fee for just a few months while I figure out what I really should be doing as far as my workouts go compared to my calorie intake.

I think the  DirectLife Activity Monitor would be just right!  And who can argue about free coaching for a year!  It’s one thing to have the knowledge, but applying it to yourself objectively is difficult!  What’s that old saying about physicians healing themselves?

My interpretation of that is you can’t fix yourself without a little bit of outside help!  Someone who will be honest with me about what they see from my workout schedule or my nutrition (I hate the word diet).  Maybe, I need to focus on a difference workout modality?  I hope to get some help figuring this out!