I survived! I survived! I have made it through 2 weeks of this high intensity, cardio pumping, resistance program! WOO-HOO!

I’m fitter than I thought I was and getting fitter!  Now, if I could only do pullups . . . well, that’s another program.

Every 2 weeks I get to retake my Fit Test and I did that today with some amazing gains!  Here is the comparison from my preliminary Fit Test before starting the program and 2 weeks in:

Comparison:             Prelim            Today

Switch Kicks –              65                  74
Power Jacks –              50                  60
Power Knees –             106                114
Power Jumps –            39                  52
Globe Jumps –              8                   11
Suicide Jumps –          12                  16
Pushup Jacks –           14                  18
Low Plank Obliques – 44                82

As you can see, pushups are my weak point.  I hope to continue to see improvement in that area.  Whether after numbers like these, I’ll see such significant gains at the end of the first month and thereafter, who knows.  I hope to keep getting stronger and seeing higher numbers.

I’m not too worried about weight loss, but I’d love to see a decrease in my body fat.  The way I’ve been going on the weekends with the splurging though, I don’t expect it.  I really need to start telling my husband “No!” when he wants fast food.  He can have it, but I need to stay on track through the weekends.  I’ve let myself slide way too much!  During the week I’m perfect, then I totally undo it on the weekend.

Here’s to more improvement and better willpower with food for the rest of this rotation!