What in the world was I thinking???

Here it is in a nutshell.  A reverse HIIT rotation that works you flat-out for 3 minutes with a 30 second rest.  Basic moves without too much complexity so you can keep good form, but the tempo increases with each set!  Designed to work your butt off and burn fat while making you stronger and faster!  We’ll see.  I’m doing the program, but not following the nutrition plan.  Yes, it comes with its very own nutrition plan to take the guess-work out of what to eat.  Being set in  a clean eating nutrition plan already, I didn’t think I really need to change that.

Day One was the fit test.  A workout in its own right, you count your reps of each of 8 exercises and write them down.  This gives you a baseline to start with.  It also helps to take before and after photos and measurements, which I did.  Will I post all this afterwards?  We shall see!

The real fun starts on Day Two.  I’m in shape.  I run.  I do HIIT training and mix it up with weights and steady state step and kickbox.  Yeah, right.  This program will show you who your mama is really fast!  LOL! At least, it showed me!  Just in week one!  I’m plugging along and keeping up through at least the first half of each workout and get slammed towards the end.  That’s when I have to stop and take a break so I can get my breathing under control.  Ouch!  I loved Cardio Recovery Day!  It’s nice – low impact, slow moves that still make your muscles shake and hurt, but it’s mostly stretching.  Ahhhhh.  The next 2 days are right back into the . . . . well, for lack of any better word . . . Insanity!!!

You get one day off, then you do it all over again in the next week!

This puppy makes me sweat like I’ve never sweat before!  It retakes the Fit Test every 2 weeks so you can track your progress.  I’ll let you know how that turns out next week Monday!  For now, here are my Fit Test results from Day One:

Switch Kicks – 65
Power Jacks – 50
Power Knees – 106
Power Jumps – 39
Globe Jumps – 8 (these are making a box)
Suicide Jumps – 12
Push Up Jacks – 14
Low Plank Oblique – 44