Anyone who knows me, knows I love my wine!  Expensive, cheap, red,white, sparking – if it’s wine, I will drink it!  Only one thing I can’t stand – uber-sweet wine!  If I want sweet, I’ll buy some chocolate, thank you very much!  I don’t mind a little sweetness to my wine, but I prefer dry wines.  I would have a glass a night if I could!  Alas, that is not in my cards right now!  So, we are hoarding our stash of nice wines that we buy from our semi-annual tastings at Newport Vineyards and the stash we bought and had shipped home when we were in Napa and Sonoma in Sept. 2009.

What do we drink, then?  I was hoping you’d ask that question!  We believe in everyday table wine.  Probably every wine connoisseur – or oenophile – would shun us, stick their collective wine noses up at us or faint when they hear this, but, we buy “jug-o-wine!”  LOL! Yes!  We keep a couple of large bottles of Carlo Rossi in the house for those days when we just have to have a glass (when I say “we,” I mean “I!”) in order to preserve the small stash of good wines we have.  Living in RI, we are not allowed by law to have wine direct shipped.  Pooh!  I say!  We bypass that problem when we go to wine country and buy it in person, then the winery ships it home for us!  Unfortunately, it’s not like we can do that every year.  At least, not for the time being.