In three days, I’ll be lining up with thousands of people to run my first race ever.  My neti pot is working wonders and pushing the nasties out of my head! Yay!  I’m starting to feel better!  On the other hand, not getting any training runs in this week, I’m still not too confident about my race time for Sunday.  Hopefully, the excitement in the air will be enough to drive me through!

My poor puppies go to the kennel this morning.  My husband is taking them in.  I always hate doing that to them!  They only go about once a year, so it’s not like they are used to it or the new people and other dogs.  They’re very sheltered pets!  I get so nervous about how they’ll do and if they’ll behave and, although my vet recommended this kennel and I’ve heard good things from other people, I always wonder.  This is the only thing I miss about living close to family who could take them.  At least we won’t be gone long and a friend is coming to the house to keep an eye on kitty!  You know how cats are!  They tend to throw big parties for all the other cats in the neighborhood when you’re away! LOL!

I also dread the packing.  Doing that tonight.  I’m always afraid I’ll forget something important or pack too light or too much!  With the weather in between, chilly at night and comfortable (60s) during the day, I’m not sure WHAT to pack!  I don’t have much for clothes as it is!  Oh, well.  Guess I’ll either pack a sweater or carry a light jacket, which I hate doing – just one more thing to lug around the airport!  Sigh.

Could be worse!