Used my brand new Neti Pot last night and this morning.  I about gagged on it this morning as a bit started going into the back of my throat! Agh!  When am I supposed to start noticing some relief?  I know there are no miracles, only the ones we make happen, but I’m working on it!  I am blowing a lot of gunk out.  That’s a good sign, I hope!  Still no fever that I can tell.  Couldn’t find my thermometer last night.  Can’t believe I don’t remember where I put it after the flu last November!  I also started taking Claritin D last night – the 24 hour one.  Claritin D has always worked for me, so we shall see!

At least it’s not supposed to rain on race day!  So far, the forecast is for 60 and sunny!  That’s almost perfect! I sit here paranoid that I’m gaining weight and I should be working out, running, something, but I know that I should let my body rest and try to heal.  I want my exercise!  I could work out, but I really start feeling better around 10 a.m. and I’m well into my work day by then! By mid-afternoon, I’m starting to slump again.  Why can’t I feel great in the early morning and go downhill from there?  At least that way, I could work out!