Couldn’t bring myself to get up this morning.  I’m exhausted, not feeling well and just downright tired.  At least I don’t have a fever!  The sore throat is a bit better, but I’m starting to develop a slight dry cough.  I really wanted at least one good run before the race so I’d feel better about it going in.  That may not happen.  A good friend thinks I’m better off getting my rest than to push it right before the race.  I’m inclined to agree!

As I sit here and sip my ginger tea, my eyelids are so heavy.  I could sleep another couple of hours, but I don’t want to take any more time off from work until the issue with how many days I have left is resolved.  I track the vacation days I take and I haven’t taken many this year because of our financial situation.  My boss doesn’t believe I have 9 vacation days left.  I know it’s right, but until he gets off his bum and checks it, I’m not taking a single sick day or scheduling another vacation day.  He’d better check it soon!  There’s only 2 more months in the year and I WILL take it all at once so I don’t lose it if he insists on waiting much longer!

I rant about that because I sure could use a sick day.  I believe I’ve only taken 3 and we only get 5 a year.  Guess I”m going to have to keep track of those now, too! I don’t usually track them because I rarely take any sick days.  Oh, well, can’t trust the Establishment!

I”m off to sip a bit more ginger tea before heading to work!  Have a great day everyone!