It’s official – I’m sick.  Right now it’s only a sore throat, but a bad one!  This usually progresses to to congestion and significant nasal drip.  Ugh.  I really hope this doesn’t happen!  I’m going to load up on drugs and try to fend it off!  I have to do this while still trying to get a few more runs in this week.

I’m really wanting to try out a new workout DVD I received yesterday, but I’m wondering if I should just take today to relax, drink some ginger tea and see if can get to feeling better.  Maybe I’ll take a nice nap, read a bit.  It’s cloudy and chilly today, but supposed to be back up to about 70 degrees tomorrow!  These temperature fluctuations don’t help matters at all!

I’m being so whiny!  I know others who have run sick and pushed through!  I bow to them!  I am so not one of those!  Time to get off my butt and do something today.  Not sure what.