Three days of workouts in a row after a week of being super lazy and doing nothing.  In my defense, I haven’t completely recovered from these stupid muscle spasms and have been going to physical therapy twice a week.  On the other hand, running hasn’t bothered my back and/or neck and I really didn’t have an excuse!

Yesterday, after our 6 mile run, once I sat down, it was difficult to get up and move!  DOMS had set in from doing Insanity Fast and Furious on Friday (Only 20 minutes, but those were some incredibly intense minutes!), then, Saturday, I did Kick, Punch and Crunch by Cathe Friedrich (one hour of kickboxing).  Sunday, well, you know what I did!

All of that gave me leave to do some yoga this morning.  Ah, relief!  It’s night time now and no DOMS, zip, zero, nil!  Everyone always raves about yoga, but it’s always been difficult and painful for me because I’m not very flexible.  I always tried it once or twice then gave it up.  It hurt way too much!  I won a three-pack of Shiva Rea’s yoga DVDs and all I can say is “WOW!”  What a difference!  I have found yoga that is challenging, but I can do it and the poses are not impossible.  It’s hard and I can’t always get as far into the poses, but they are still doable and she gives great modifications!  I now have a way to recover from my tougher workout weeks and runs that I will be able to keep in my arsenal!

Am I feeling better about my race?  Not yet!  I must get up and run tomorrow morning – rain or, well, I was going to say shine, but it’s pitch dark now even when I get home from my runs, so rain or dark and cold!  I want to try to keep my mileage between 4 and 5 miles during the week and hit the long runs this weekend.  We’ll see how it goes!

Tomorrow’s another day!