14 days and counting! I wish I knew how I’m supposed to feel about this.  It’s my first race EVER and probably one or the biggest in the country.  I’m scared, nervous and can’t wait until it’s over and I’m home again!  I haven’t even left yet!  Is that normal?  I guess it is for me!  I ran this morning for the first time in just over a week.  My husband and I did right at 6 miles.  My Nike+ said 6.22 and his iPhone Nike app said 5.76 – go figure.  So somewhere in there is what we ran.  It was painful!  The route we took was up and down.  On the way back, we had to climb this massively steep (at least it’s kinda massive, but certainly steep!) hill by RISD.  I’ve never been able to run up that hill.  Today, I was bound and determined, even if it killed me.  I ran it slow with baby steps until I reached the top.  I DID IT!  Of course, then, I had to take a breathing break, but only took a few seconds, then started running again.

It’s amazing how much you lose after stopping for just  one week!  My pace was 10:14 which is 45 seconds per mile slower than I usually run.  Sheesh!  Am I going to have to walk my 10K?

I’m going to try to run 4-5 times this week, then taper my distance next week.  I’m going to check in every day to vent and post my daily thoughts on how things are going.  I’m hoping to get at least a tad better by race day!  We’ll see how things go!  When I started this training, I was certain I would make the 10K in just under an hour.  Now, it appears it’s going to be just over.  I suppose that’ll be okay.  It’ll still be a PR for me!