I’m feeling great! My back and neck are better.  Sometimes, PT works!  Went surfing again on Saturday with no injuries or pulls to the lats or rhomboids! Whew!  What fun! Progressing a little bit and managed to get to my knees on the board! I’m really happy about that!  Friday, I did a kickboxing workout and today I went for a run.  What a beautiful day! Okay, it was cloudy, but the temps were in the low 60s!  What a relief! I have become a cool/cold weather runner! My body seems to like it more.  So, I am ditching doctor’s orders at this point and getting back to my regular 5 a.m. routine as of tomorrow.  She told me 2 weeks off, but I’m not having any increased pain or muscle spasms now.  I have to tell you, it feels fantastic!

This is the beginning of getting serious again about cutting down on the splurging, too!  As of tomorrow, I’m following Jackie Warner’s eating plan, which, it turns out, isn’t much of a change from my clean eating I’m trying to stick to.  I just need to increase my veggies, decrease my fats and get my protein up by one serving a day.  It’s doable.  Oh! Also, I am going to try to get off the sugar.  I don’t get much, just my honey that I put in my tea.  That might take a little bit of work.  I already don’t use white sugar anymore except when I bake, which is rare.  I’m hoping this really works to get my body fat percentage moving.  Well, that and getting back to my weight lifting routine!

See you all in the morning with my game face on!