I’m not one prone to injury.  I’m very careful about form, working within my limits while still working hard and pushing myself in order to improve.  However, I’m not very graceful.  In fact, I’m quite the klutz!  Occasionally, I have muscle spasms in my back that are aggravated by the simplest things – reaching to get my stapler on my desk, grabbing a pot off the stove or just pointing at something!  It’s just plain silly!

I managed to bring on an episode of lovely muscle spasms last week!  They were so bad I ended up at my doctor’s office.  I went straight to the pharmacy with a prescription for muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen in hand, then went home and immediately took my first doses.  I took the rest of the week off work so as not to continue to make it worse since my work station is horrific in its arrangement!   Did I mention that my doctor also told me no workouts of any kind for 2 weeks???  I really don’t get that. General practitioners don’t understand athletic people or what particular exercise regimens entail.  I wish I could also see a sports medicine specialist, but that’s for another time.

Last night, I was cooking some jasmine rice for my husband in the steamer.  I decided to check it in case I put the timer on too long.  BIG MISTAKE!  I lifted the lid and went to poke my fork in and steamed the heck out of my finger!  OMG! What pain!  I realized how stupid it was to try that, ah, but too late! The damage was done!  Luckily, after a lot of cold water rinsing and keeping an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel on it most of the night, then taking another Ibuprofen, my burn finally started feeling better.

So, here I am.  My back’s a mess, but getting a bit better, I burned the heck out of my right middle finger, AND haven’t worked out in 4 days!  I was going stir crazy, so I decided to at least try to do some yoga.  What a relief! I managed that without further injury to my back and it made me feel like I did SOMETHING.

Tomorrow I start my PT.  If all goes well and I’m feeling okay, I’m going to defy my doctor and go ahead and get a short run in on Tuesday.  I may even do some lower body floor work tomorrow morning.  I can never stay down for as long as I’m told to, especially if I haven’t really broken or sprained anything!  I’m just hoping work doesn’t aggravate it again when I get back to the office tomorrow!