There have been a lot of posts about taking rest days this past week or so in the blogs I read.  While the need for rest days makes sense and the reasoning behind RDs is logical, I always find myself having a hard time with them!  It doesn’t matter if I just relax, walk the dogs. do yoga, stretch or just do fun active stuff, I still feel like I”m cheating!  I also feel like I can’t eat anything because I’ll gain weight!

Once I start working out again, I do reap the benefits of RDs.  I feel more energized, rested and generally refreshed.  It’s just getting through the darn things!  One RD a week or every two weeks is okay.  It’s like a breath of fresh air!  These longer stints are what I have a difficult time with.

I was feeling run down, low energy and generally achy every day last week, so I knew I needed a break.  Especially with my 10K coming up next month, I felt I’d better take the break now rather than try to push myself and end up injured and starting over right before race time or not being able to put forth 100% effort come race day.  My plan was to take a full week, but I started on Friday and it’s Labor Day today.  Four days – that’s enough for me!  I do feel rested and my aches are gone.  I’m back on the run tomorrow morning and now just need to plan my strength training days in between!

So, I’m off to do just that!

Anyone else out there feel like I do about rest days?