Hi everyone!

In my quest to ready myself for my big race debut at the MCM in October (only doing the 10K if you remember), I made the executive decision to do one moderate steady state run, one interval run and one long run.  Yesterday was supposed to be my day for the long run and it was a gorgeous, cool morning, too!  Unfortunately, when I got up, I had no energy – zippo, nil, nada.  I knew there was no way, even if I made myself get out there, that I would complete 8 miles.

So, I went out this morning.  Not such a beautiful day as Saturday, but still cool.  It was lightly sprinkling and I don’t mind that, so my husband, my marathoner beagle, Milo, and I headed out.  Less than a mile out, I started wheezing.  I do have some mild asthma, but it’s under control and I was recently taken off my meds – yippee!  The humidity didn’t seem too bad, but I could tell before even going out that I was a teeny bit tight in the chest.  No worries, it’d open up!   That’s what I thought anyway.

I ran and ran . . . . and ran some more wheezing up and down the little inclines along the route and up the bigger ones and down.  I took what my husband told me the night before to heart and kept going, kept pushing thinking that as long as I didn’t pass out or have a heart attack, there was no reason I couldn’t run through it.  (He didn’t say it that way really!  He told me about the SEALS and Special Forces guys and how their training pushes their bodies beyond normal limits – way beyond – what gets them through when their bodies should be shutting down and giving up is the mental stamina.  Their CHOICE to keep going.  It was more eloquent when he said it, but that’s about the gist of it.

So, I kept that in mind and kept running.  After about an hour, lo and behold!  My lungs and airway opened up and I stopped wheezing!  This happened at about mile 6.  The last two miles were wonderful!  Of course, that was also about the time it really started raining!  By the time I got home, I had run, without stopping, 8.05 miles!  I was soaking wet, but smiling like crazy!  I felt great!  I needed to put this down so that next time I try to wemble out of a run or start hurting and just being a wuss, I can look back and/or remember just how hard this run started out and how great it ended!

I have now completed my longest run – so far!