I’ve been reading some of my favorite blogs and listening to my favorite podcasts – MizFitOnline, Run_Girl_Run, Two Fit Chicks and  a Microphone and I’ve added some new ones, which I will add links to later.  What I am realizing is that most of them all have significant health and fitness work still to do and I don’t feel like I have any right to comment, nor do I feel like I belong in the same category – or do I?

No one talks about having reached their goal weight and being on the right nutritional path, having conquered that necessity to track calories and macronutrients.  I am there.  Although I don’t have a fitness model’s body, or body fat percentage for that matter, I am pretty happy with where I am at.  I’m now in maintenance and in search of new goals to keep me motivated to continue on this path.

What does one do who has attained their major goals?  I keep reading everyone else’s writings in search of inspiration and motivation to something new.  Sure, I’d still like to drop my BF down below 20%.  I could still stand to improve my weekend eating habits a bit (okay maybe more than a little bit), but those fitness goals are eluding me.  What’s left?  I’m healthy, fit, I can keep up with my husband in all things recreational now, except diving, but I’m not a swimmer and have issues with water anyway.  Sure, I could work on getting over all that, but it takes money to take swim lessons and someone like me has to find an instructor who has experience in working with people who have phobias or strong negative experiences that are in the way.  Good luck.

I have started using high intensity, shorter bodyweight workouts.  I’d like to start to pick up kettlebells, but, again, good quality ones are expensive, I’m also testing out tabata workouts.  I run my first 10K in October.  Yes, these are all variations to keep me from getting bored and strengthen my body utilizing different methods, they are not what I would categorize as new goals.

I don’t really know what I’m looking for here, but I continue my search for my next major goal and a new commitment to better health and fitness!