I am a wine lover.  Yes, I love wine!  Love to smell it, love to look at it, love all the various labels, love how the names roll off the tongue, LOVE TO DRINK IT!  Yes, I read the blogs and follow several wineries and wine lovers on Twitter.  So often, my favorites like Passaggio, offer discounts on orders and that’s when I feel like I’m in prison!  You see, I live in a state that does not allow shipping of wine into the state.  It’s depressing!  What’s wrong with a little outside wine?  It’s not like what I want is carried or can be obtained by my local liquor store!  It can’t.  The State and the businesses are not gaining anything by not allowing me to shop for some of my wines online.  Nor are they losing anything either.  I’m not buying any more or less wine from them because what I want, they don’t carry and I don’t want most of what they carry.

I buy the majority of my wine from local vineyards, not the liquor store.  So, where would be the harm in opening the prison gates and allowing residents of my state to shop for wine wherever we want?  Okay, I’m only speaking for me here – wherever I want!

I love my wine and I love the wines I had at tastings while in Napa and Sonoma last year, but am restrained and enjoined from buying it or ever enjoying it again until I can manage another trip to California!