Sigh . . . am I really all that different?  Unique?  Weird?  Really?

A friend was complaining about having a new dress that she painstakingly selected and bought for a wedding and it not fitting now. She works out, but not consistently.  I am an avid exerciser!  I also eat clean most days and splurge some on weekends, but come Monday, I’m right back on a fully clean schedule!

So, she’s having issues because the dress is tight in the middle and she isn’t comfortable.  She’s a friend so I assumed (I guess we all know what that means!) she was looking for some input.  I made suggestions about cleaning up her eating habits and including some HIIT or Tabata training to boost her metabolism.  I wasn’t offering a complete lifestyle change!  I mean really – I know her – she loves her food!  I suggested this for 2 weeks!  Anyone can follow a more stringent program for a short term goal!  Can’t they?  Am I asking too much of my friends?

Okay, maybe she just wanted support?  Was I supposed to just stand there and nod and commiserate and say how horrible that was and why can’t dresses just look good on you no matter what?

She complained about my suggestions.  Made excuses about why she couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to do that.  Okay, then, why bother bringing it up?

When I complain frantically about an issue, I want constructive input, maybe even a push to get going.  I’m not just spouting off to make myself feel better about some poor choices or being lazy.  I want a kick in the butt!

I guess my “fitness” friends aren’t really all that motivated.  I should learn to just nod, look concerned and walk away .  . .