It’s July 5th and the 4th of July has come and gone – or has it?  The big celebration is done, but there will be fireworks every night for at least another two weeks, maybe more.  You know, the ones around the neighborhood that you fear will burn your house down! The ones that you secretly hope will burn someone’s hand off so they’ll finally learn not to mess with fireworks?  Yes, that’s a little bit evil and mean, but really!

So, all that aside, the 4th of July is one of those holidays that doesn’t really mean much to me.  Yes, I understand the whole freedom for our country and all the lives sacrificed to that end.  All in all, I enjoy my extra day off from work, too.  I’m just not one of those who goes to a lot of parties or has parties for 4th of July.  I just have a a nice three-day weekend.  This year it seems to have disappeared faster than most.  It’s been unbearably hot and not conducive to spending a lot of time outside biking or running, playing tennis or anything else I would ordinarily do in the summer.  So, we went for a run Saturday morning – 4.3 miles and it was pretty nice, not too humid, not too hot.  That lasted a couple of hours only.  Sunday, we stayed indoors.  For some reason, it was pretty quiet in our neighborhood!  That was a first.  We had a very non-traditional meal of homemade tamales and pinto beans, watched a movie and walked over to the river to see the fireworks.  That was it.

Monday’s here and we enjoyed a delicious homemade breakfast of sweet rolls and went to the rock gym to do some climbing.  It was hot in there, too, but we had a lot of fun climbing!  I’ve found that I’ve gotten considerably stronger and managed to climb better and with more confidence than ever before!

All together a very nice weekend without all the holiday crap!